Nine Walls

I picture nine corners In my peripheral by Nine walls high I take the broken spines of Nine fools Bye Opening wine By Smashing again against Nine walls

Mike Stands

Mike stands A stinking broken man Hoping on smoking sinking sand I try to make the mic understand It needs a mic stand So it won't land


Ted's Dead

I said
They be saying Ted’s DEAD
'Ted’s dead, Ted’s dead, Ted’s dead, Ted’s dead, Ted’s dead, Ted’s dead'
They be easily Miss Led
If Ted had enemys, they fled.
Fluff got shed
Yo I never said
He comes alive when you’ve gone to bed
Bed Ted owns the game
Always did
Now we be dropping on you like lead
It’s over
Ted was underground like a mole
The perfectly moulded emcee Cold's soldier
Now he’s come around with the cold shoulder
Time told Ted it’s time to speak over the weaker
(Sick lyrics spat over civilians)

The stuffed speaker be in ya speakers
Forget what he said / he said nothing
Will anyone who said Ted’s dead still be around?

Pull up your bloomers and your tunics
Turn up your muse sick
Tighten ya bow ties and bow down
Ted’s in ya town
Letting in some Cold
And he eats you when you’re sleeping.


Nothing but Upholstery

When I was three
Back in '83
Zippy was on TV
He got a hold of me
He took contol of me

But now he be nothing but upholstery
I put too many holes in he

Zippin' up what had already been zipped
The Guinness had already been sipped
Unsteady fool
He underestimated Rocksteady
Stepping on my ted
That was Teddy!!

Sick lyrics spat over civilians
Slip being my new name
Yo I changed it from Swain
BT's be reigning over the game

Love and War

If it wasn't for love the world would not have advanced to the stage it has. If it wasn't for war we would advance ten times further.

It's a shame therefore that until the philosophy which hold one race superior, and another inferior, is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned; there will be war. And until the colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes; there will be war.


Once a man fell asleep, dreamt he was a frog, when he woke up be didn't know if he was a man who dreamt he was a frog or a frog who was now dreaming he was a man.


Spinning Speeds

How fast you are spinning depends on where you are. The speed of the Earth's spin varies from something over 1,600 kilometres an hour at the equator to zero at the poles. In London the speed is 998 kilometres an hour.


Scattering Fleece

Let me clear up this beef between me and Zippy. I never had a problem with the mustard fleeced out son of a jumper. His voice is annoying and he runs his zip too much but that doesn't mean I want to tear up his upholstery.

I guess I just want another fleece... One that won't diss me.

Hine Hine with us

One of us = many of us
Underestimate one of us
You'll see plenty of us 
Climb off us
Welcome abroad the climbing bus


When Iced Cats Sing

There's a kind of iced-cats thing
A running stream seen
Let me explain what I'm spraffing
Why I mean what I'm rapping
If that spring is catsing
Then a tree planted near by
Even as a sapling
Becomes catsing
Which is catching
In fact when cats sing
You could find catsing attracting
Until then I be relaxing
'till the cats come singing in


Time Takes Time

(Verse 1) 

I said
Zed at the back of the dictionary Bees
In your bed you’ll be seeing pictures of me
Through your head there’ll be flickers
Of five dead fishermen
Fishing for fresh fish at seas
My thread is attracted to the
Fact that fiction buried me
In sick flurries
Sick meaning swaiyne
(Every cell in my frame is trying to maintain being tame)
I’ll explain how sick it may seem
When I’m killing emcees
You know my steez
Well I’m zippin’ up Zippy
Dissin’ his own species in his ripped up Golden Fleece
Ted told me he said:
‘I ain't feeling Nohamcmp'
Sounds like he ate a dick for tea and it’s stuck in his teeth
Can’t see the bricks for the trees
And he never says please
A trick it may be
Well I think he should leave
Take a trip to the beach / have a dip in the sea
Listen to me / take heed
Times ticking on thieves
He must think my head zips underneath
Up at the back where my hat sits
You might see the crease
When it’s lifted
It tips to say
Peace Bees

I said peace Bees
I said peace Bees
I remember when you could see more Bees

Hallucinatory reading

It was in this place and at this moment that a strange thing happened to my fancy. I thought it a strange thing then and I thought it a stranger thing long afterwards. I turned my eyes, a little dimmed by looking up at the frosty light, towards a great wooden beam in a low nook of the building near me on my right hand, and I saw a figure hanging there by the neck. A figure all in yellow-white with but one shoe to the feet and it hung so that I could see that the faded trimmings of the dress where like earthy paper and that the face was Miss Havisham's, with a movement going over the whole countenance as if she were trying to call to me. In the terror of seeing the figure and in the terror of being certain it had not been there a moment before I at first ran from it and then ran towards it. And my terror was greatest of all when I found no figure there. 

Dickens, Great Expectations.


Time don't tick

Time exists outside of linear conceptions. It neither flows nor does it pass. It simply exists, as an all encompassing state our hubris cannot allow us to understand, since we are in it, not outside it.


Peace to the thug-headed mofo. One of the most unexpected and best yet. His intellect and dialect reflect on and reject those who detest the detested.



That's interesting;
Looks like I impressed him
But shouldn't have come dressed in
My chest wig
It’s itching and doesn’t go with the vest I'm in
The dress for I bought from TKMax is wak!

Linen for women is slimming but I’m slinging it in the bin the min I get in.


High Trousers

I got on my high trousers;
They be kind a climbing
When I put them on I couldn’t stop rhyming
So I put them in the washing machine and it undid the lining
I was losing time when
I decided to dye them
Why then
Am I still climbing?

Uh huh Uh huh u huh

I sighed when I tied them
Above my waist
In the mirror I resided in them
My pride
Denied them
Took them off with a slide
Tried them on again
Still too high
Too tight around the thigh

Uh huh Uh huh u huh

Yo I like my high trousers
The be kinda cool
I put them in the washing mashing and they came out blue
I said I like my high trousers they be kinda mean
I put them in the washing machine and they came out green

I like my high braces
I go to nice places and
Pull five faces at once
At runts

Yo my trousers are too high to sag
I’ll wear them ‘till I die
And in my body bag
I like a Jack Daddy's
And a sip of Glenmorangie
But you can’t get wetter
Than Paddy's whiskey
I talk whispers
I go whipsy
Like Boris as Frankenstein’s monster
Diss him you diss me
And Horace Duk
I take off my hat
For this is this and it's like that


Zippin' up Species

It’s one thing to turn up dizzy
but I was unsteady before I got ready
I’m zippin’ up Zippy
Cas of what he said
‘Each one of my toys is dead’
Not really I be
Being silly
Too silly for when they underneath P.C’s
Made me cross when they crossed me
Serious thick fake-Feds
Heads swelling to the ceiling
Police please believe you can’t see me
Ahuh ahu ahuh
How can you be locked in a Police Box with no locks?
That’s more like a tee-pee
I pee on they species
Ahuh a huh a huh
Leave me be when I'm spitting
Revising my teachings and speeches
Mixed lyrics of three peices
Peace I remember when you could see more bee's



Something’s looming... skulking, bent splendidly skuppering in maddened shadows of wondering spread meadows, pondering and keeping them guessing.
A sessions undressing soon... but not yet.


Feel Jah / Miranda

Feel Jah
As long as they love Jah
Feel Jah
We are linked as children in a circle dancing
As long as they know Jah
Feel Jah
Down our wasted cheeks tears of joy run
We love the running
Feel Jah
To remember our changing garden
Live as long as they love Jah
As the high green hill sits always by the sea
Feel Jah


The Beautiful Black Orchid

If a man walked though a garden in a dream, and had a black orchid presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there, and if he found that black orchid in his hand when he awoke.. ah but, what then?


Golan to Galilee

From Golan to Galilee
Onto Jerusalem
that's what I want to see
All love and unity stretching through creation
As far as the eye can see

[Harrison Stafford 2009]


Sick Thieves

Sick Thieves and Nonbelievers
You know who you are
How low you are
Wait 'till I see yas

Your felony flows
Lies your telling me goes
Below any par
Any part of the system
This and these

Sick Creeds, Rotten Bleeders
Thick as fleas
Bricks and trees
You be missing the point
Confession please
We in session

Rest on your knees
Until I point
Missing infested bees
Chill in with your joints
And fake shee's
You asked for this
Larcenists heed



Five iced stalactites shake-dance,
in sharp sliced bites.
They shivering shards strive to entice,
prise more ice from a device.
It be nice to be ice,



Ersatz: a substitute; a supplementary reserve from which waste can be made good.



I'm an Updasdonegoose troops
In my Updasdonegooseboots
I'm in a noose
I'm gettin' loose
I'm in the nude It's true
I got news
I got news for you and ya crew
I'm an Updasdonegoose troops
In my Updasdonegoose boots



An actor who rants or overacts; overacting; a part that lends itself to this; an inexpert boxer; an amateur, esp an amateur radio operator. adj given to overacting or ranting; amateur; clumsy, course, inexpert.



Are people being taught different things?
Or are they being taught about the same thing in a different way?

If all the people have a different view and understanding
Of what reality is all about
Because it was taught to them in a different way
From what it really is..



Some books lack direction and fool the reader at their own expense; lead them into false pretense. I believe the reader requires an understanding - on some level - of what genre they're reading.

Having said that, surprise must not be compromised.

Suprise must never be compromised.

Having said that, never say never ever.


Another Time

For us like any other fugitive,
Like the numberless flowers that cannot number
And all the beasts that need not remember,
It is to-day in which we live.

So many try to say Not Now,
So many have forgotten how
They say I Am, and would be
Lost, if they could, in history.

Bowing, for instance, with such old-world grace
To be a proper flag in a proper place,
Muttering like ancients as they stump upstairs
Of mine and His or Ours and Thiers.

Just as if time were what the used to will
When it was gifted with possession still,
Just as if they were wrong
In no more wishing to belong.

No wonder then so many die of grief,
So many are so lonely as they die;
No one has yet believed or liked a lie,
Another time has other lives to live.




Hi Hile
For a while
Gather upon the hillside


Swain Sways These Days

We get pasted in states
Swigging crates & cases
I stop to do up my lace
Both laces

Snakes in the haze
Gaze back at my space
Check the fake faces
In a maze of hate
& leave in a haste

The disgrace of my pace makes me wait
hesitate, debate my inner state
Before its too late I’m elated
Life’s too great to waste



Oppressors come infested, testing adrenaline,
while entropy pulls and swoops slowly.
Any move could be fatal, stay the better man,
I keep closest to the lowest, they know me.

Hold focus, unbroken, nothing unchecked,
fumes fill my veins, keep on shifting.
One eye wide open, the other stays wrecked,
like a subconscious parasite co existing.

Antagonists wait for us to spring first,
instincts receive danger, death on my trail.
The line between paranoia and vigilance blurs,
determined to see through the eyes of the frail.
Giant stone buildings watch over their trash,
I float in the street like a ghost sweeping ash.



Wired thesis of mine lay so alive,
in my clothes sleeping is tough to tackle,
on a bed of crust, hair, dust, tobacco,
I try hard to unwind this frame of mind.

Fate fevers the falling, the unkind slide,
the night faded off, its haze still inside.
Unbitten but in the shell I reside,
small crawling lives scuffle around and hide.

Something smears in my giant chrysalis,
they dance on reality's edge of grime.
I calm down, slowly peer clearly okay,
I know they stare, my cup remains twisted.
Through the dank rotting beneath me they climb,
I slip, slide my psyche into decay.


Somehow inspired just by holding the sequel,
he who loves reading knows all he desires.
Stay rolling like tyres, overcome being tired,
fiction more substance than a life with no zeal.

They peer as you ponder your promise,
insisting opinions on piles of predicaments,
false figments outgrown with knowledge,
when we succeed they get sick of us.

It shines through my door and my being,
decided already like destiny dates them.
On my knees I glare at the ceiling,
Always trod turf with trepidation.
Deviation makes patients impatient,
patience exalts the tenacious.


Moment of Truth

Actions have reactions,
don't be quick to judge
You may not know the hardships people don't speak of
It's best to step back,
and observe with couth
For we all must meet our moment of truth
(Guru '98)


Strange Exhaust Fur

This morning I went to Heathrow airport, stopped at McDonalds on the Bath Road (a greasy muffin with maple syrup), and stopped again at Budgens to pick up some chow. When I got out of the car I noticed a trail of animal fur, a couple of metres long, trailing from my exhausted pipe. I got home and pulled at the fur which came out another metre or so, leaving a little bit still in the pipe. I pulled again and there was more and more. It just kept coming, there must have been a good bears worth, although it wasn't from a bear. I couldn't tell you what it was from. It was soft and clean, black and grey. So I left it there on the road. I had to pop out again, the car still sounding slightly weird as I drove. When I arrived home again it had moved into my parking space, so I threw it onto the lawn by the fence. When I reached the door it was there, trying to get in the cat flap. Now it follows me. Everwhere I go it's there. My cat (Mr Fel-Fotch) doesn't see him, which just adds to my list of mysteries, do cats only see in black and white? do they have belly buttons? where did that come from? why are fish and horses so sad? More importantly, what is this stuff making my muff rough?!


Last night I dreamt I was on a bridge, wearing a new beige suit. I'm not usually a suit type of guy (though I often have to wear one), and certainly not beige, but in the dream I loved it. I thought to myself 'I must get another one, the same colour, for when this ones in the wash' I was walking up a hill, In Cork, not sure what happened to the bridge but then I was back on it, and had to tiptoe through this dark room as there was sick on the floor. That was when I slipped and landed on my front, in the sick. Yeah; it was ruined. I was devastated. But then some dwarf fella squirted me with a special hose that got rid of it completely. Then Paul Robinson from neighbours (haven't watched it for twenty years by the way) bought me a pair of shiny blue trainers (absolute bad boys) for Christmas, and I remember thinking 'I wonder if these will go with the suit?' ahem..

Smokey Got Collared

Early this morning my cat Dram had another fight with Smokey. Smokey tries to get in the cat flap and Dram goes completely wild, gets him in a headlock, and screams the place down. By the time I arrive on the scene, there's fur floating in the air and Smokey's collars on the floor. This happened twice before. When I open the door the poor boy looks up at me as if to say 'I'm Smokey, no one's ever been this horrible to me in all my three lives'. Well Smokey; you got six left. Fortunately, Smokey's collars have those address barrels on them, I just hadn't had time to return them. I went this afternoon yet no one was in, so I posted them through the letter box. I wonder what Smokey's Dads' thinking..

PS Smokey's Dad, if you happen to read this; I hope we can all be friends..



Peace to thee smooth geese in the east & the west, look at the zest under the vest he’s come dressed in, look at the infested chest wig he’s testing, that’s interesting, looks like I impressed him.

Our Environment

An interesting programme about the earth raised the following point; We don't need to save the earth at all. Its fuels, atmosphere, everything will keep on replenishing itself. Although this could take a million years (a relatively small amount of time for the planet). So we don't need to 'save the planet' we need to save the life that currenlty inhabits the panet, including the human race.


Something's Coming

Keep your towels wet, keep everything wet, for all our sakes. The Stroistrem is upon us, and its getting bigger.


Has anyone seen anything fall from the sky recently?

I keep seeing what I can only describe as small yellow balls in my peripheral vision.